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If you are interested in subscribing to OkAssessor, please contact Miranda Freeman at (405) 379-5280 for more information. Subscription information and online subscriptions are available at the OkAssessor Subscription Services website .

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Subscription Information provides it's subscribers with an unparalled search tool for property data. This customizable tool has access to most of the County Assessor's data. The newly redesigned Appraisal Assistant makes sales information, base-line building sketches, land soil types, current year estimated taxes, and complete building information easily available and easier to read. Here at Visual Lease Services, the proprietor of, we posess a unique understanding to the use of this information, as we use it ourselves. So allow us to help you with your property information needs through

While the site does list the book and page of deeds, we do not have the images of the deeds available.

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